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    Mar 2012

    amd video card(monitor no signial)

    This afternoon I was playing with catalyst control panel and I checked a box trying to figure out what it does and 2 second later my monitor says no signal... So I turn of my computer and turn it back on and It still shows a black screen and removing my video card and reenabling the intel chip it works but once I put on the video card it shows a black screen even when the cabel is not connected to the video card but connected to the intel chip. So I refuse not to use a computer without a video card as I am a gamer and there no point cause the intel chip can't handle it.
    Please help
    Ps. Sorry for misspelling as I am on my smart phone trying to figure out what happend.

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    Aug 2000

    Re: amd video card(monitor no signial)

    Obvious thing: with the IBM graphics working, remove the ATI drivers. Completely - there are tools to help do this if necessary but try just through windows at first. Refit the ATI card and let Windows install drivers again. If the screen is blank as soon as you insert the card this time, you might want to check the ATI card in another machine.


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