I have a couple questions about custom loops. First off what I'm looking at for my loop

Tubing: Tubing, Clear UV-Reactive PVC, 10ft[ID: 10mm (3/8in); OD: 13mm (1/2in)]
Coolant: High Performance UV reactant coolant
Radiator: 2x140mm 30FPI Copper Core
Pump/Resevoir: RP-1005 (Uses PMP-400 Pump)
Fittings: Compression fitted (right size for tubing)

This is my first liqiud cooled build so bare with me.

The questions I have are:
1)Whats better Compression or Barbed fittings? I feel like compression is the safer way to go but not sure.
2.)Is the PMP-400 pump good? All i have planned for the loop are 2 Video Cards in SLI and possible exspansion to CPU down the road.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks guys!