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    Jan 2004

    do amd llano CPUs (APUs) work in dual graphics mode with radeon 7000 series?

    Quick question:

    Do the AMD llano A-series processors with built in GPUs in the dye (apus) work in dual graphics mode with the Radeon 7000 series?

    for example the amd Llano a8 with integrated gpu on the chip could run in dual graphics mode (not crossfire but dual graphics mode) with a radeon 6770 to boost the graphics by 125% for example.

    Is this true also for the radeon 7000 series, as in being compatible with the dual graphics feature (im not talking about crossfire)? or is only the radeon 6000 series GPU compatible with the AMD A-series for the enhanced boost of the dual graphics mode/feature?

    let me know gururs! thx.
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