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    Sep 2001
    Colorafornia, USSA

    Attention to anyone with a CM HAF X and Corsair H100!

    Tonight I decided to play around with the cooling in my case to see if I could get some better load temps out of my 2600k. The first thing I did was to move the top 200mm fan from the rear position of the case (directly above the H100) to the front position of my Cooler Master HAF X case. The second thing I did was to remove the dust filters on the top of the case. I've never understood the point of that move by CM as I can't imagine too many people would try to use the top fans for intakes. I've always known they were there but haven't bothered taking them out until now as I didn't think it would make much of a difference in cpu cooling.

    I was wrong! My load temps went from 70C (using high setting on H100) to 65C (using medium setting) after an hour of Prime. The best part is the H100 wasn't spinning the fans up nearly as high just to keep the temp at 70C when I had the filters in. The filters weren't dirty at all either. I believe they simply were providing too much resistance for the air to flow through freely from the H100's fans. I also think the 200mm fan being positioned directly above the H100 was having an adverse effect as well.

    It always seemed to me that I wasn't getting good enough performance from the H100 and now I know why. To anyone here that has a HAF X/H100 combo, make these changes now!
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