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    Dec 2003
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    Intel GMA3150 graphics and Toshiba 32" LCD issue

    In our bedroom we have a Foxconn R30-D4 Atom D525 we use as a media streamer. Has Intel GMA 3150 graphics. It was until today attached to a Viore 24" LCD and filled the screen no problem. Today I replaced the Viore with a Toshiba 32C120U 32" LCD and even though I have the Intel graphics set to" fill screen-no borders" it will not stretch to fill the screen, about 3 inches of vertical black bar on each side.

    Is this a limitation of the 3150?


    UPDATE- solved! buried deep in the TV's menus is a setting to set the picture size. Set it to full and that was it. Haven't had to do that on any of our other flat screen TVs.
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