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    Nov 2001
    Havelock,N.C. U.S.A.

    1st AstroPulse v6 done credit 909.91


    1st of the AstroPulse v6 v6.01 my system done took Run time (sec) 287,726.04 CPU time (sec) 254,638.80 and got 909.91 Credit for ap_26my11aa_B1_P1_00232_20120329_06100.wu.

    Nice credit for the about 80 hours it took on my old slow AMD XP-M on just DDR memory.

    That's about 273 credit per day, which is about 2 times I get for the other type of work units.

    The other work unit also a AstroPulse v6 v6.01 is pending waiting on my wingman, it's run time(sec) is 300,789.06 and CPU time (sec) 264,263.00, maybe will get about 944 credit.

    So you guys with them fast systems, should check the box on SETI@home preferences for AstroPulse v6 for better recent average credit (RAC) and help PC Perspective Killer Frogs stats.

    edit: 3rd workunit done ap_26dc11ab_B5_P1_00342_20120402_14887.wu Run time (sec) 304,096.78 CPU time (sec) 240,471.60 Credit 617.90 (guess credit are random)
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    benchmark setting

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