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    Sep 2001
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    Re: The slip and slide to infanticide.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keven View Post
    More like you enjoy getting off on telling all of us that we're wrong. Admit it, Meridian, a part of you likes the idea of you being the smartest guy on the forum, dropping in here and educating us silly right-wing conservative Americans on how things really work, then disappearing.
    If there's one thing that hasn't changed on this forum in the decade I've been here....

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    May 2002
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    Re: The slip and slide to infanticide.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meridian View Post
    Dutch's equations make for great cheap insults, but otherwise are wrong.
    They certainly don't make cheap insults. We can leave that to people who disagree. Explain how they're wrong.

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    Oct 2001

    Re: The slip and slide to infanticide.

    Here's the thing:

    I can see where there's a problem prior to the child being born. It is still part of the mother. Not just internally floating there, but also connected because of the umbilical cord.

    However, it seems less confusing once the child is out and the cord cut. It's a physically independent being.

    It is confusing because a woman can have an abortion, and this is legally allowed. However, if she abuses drugs or alcohol, she could face legal repercussions. Clearly, this is inane.

    To kill a post-birth child because of a condition seems a dangerous slope. The assumption is that if the child has a specific condition, they aren't fit to live, won't enjoy life, too much work for the parents...arguments can continue.

    This opens the can of worms.
    How long is this applicable? Day one only or longer? How long?
    What conditions does it cover?
    Who performs the act? The doctor or the parents? Either/or?

    It should be obvious what side of the issue I'm on.
    I want to say that I'm not positive we'll get there, but I am concerned about the possibilities presented.

    I know this can be a big bomb to toss, but the thought process sometimes seems akin to what the Nazis did with mentally disabled euthanization program in Germany. The reasons aren't quiet the same, but the vibes are similiar.

    The Nazis did it to purify the country (this shouldn't be a shocker) and eliminate useless/unwanted people. The first issue, I don't see matching with the pro-abortion movement, but the useless/unwanted part does.

    It seems as thought a child with a major defect is deemed worthy to kill, but should that child grow, killing that person later on would likely be deemed murder.

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    Feb 2005
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    Re: The slip and slide to infanticide.

    Infanticide is a very old practice that was still done and considered appropriate in modern societies not so long ago. It should be looked up before being used for hyperbole.
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    Aug 2003

    Re: The slip and slide to infanticide.

    You guys will argue about anything.... here's one that has no valid reason for being on TLR just like this topic:

    Apple or PC? Which would you buy? Here's my argument:

    People who buy a PC don't have the knowledge or mental capacity to put one together.
    People who buy a MAC cannot think for themselves and rely on others.
    People who build their own PC obviously can think for themselves and make an informed decision, but that doesn't make them automatically right and smart...

    This topic is well over the head of the original poster.

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