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    Mar 2012
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    Question Does my PSU have enough wattage?

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this, i apologize if it isnt.
    I just built my first PC, and I am looking into overclocking my CPU, GPU, and maybe RAM. I want to do some more reading before i go crazy with it, but im worried that my PSU wont be enough.
    I did use the Newegg PSU calculator and it suggested around 500W so i went 750W just in case
    Anyway i would appreciate it if some more informed fellows than i, could enlighten me. I dont want to stress my PSU since it is kinda important. You know, just a bit.
    Please and thank you.
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    Oct 2008

    Re: Does my PSU have enough wattage?

    750W is as low a i would go.
    But more is better if you can go for 850 or more IMO.
    I had this PSU and looking to get another back.
    corsair warranty is good in my experience, If you ever need to use it.
    You dont want to go low like i am now and have issues with restating when gaming and think 2 self "if i should have got the little more power".
    If you can go big now and save some worries later down road Do it.
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    Re: Does my PSU have enough wattage?

    i just bought the corsair tx850v2 today, cannot beat the mine off newegg, but amazon delivers united states postal service, which is ideal for me, hate ups which egg uses a lot .. got it for $114, paid a bit for quicker shipping, but you could get shipping for free waiting a bit. LOOKS LIKE THEY RAISED THE PRICE

    the tx 850 is probably one of the best bang for the buck....there were other psu,s i wanted, but were a lot is tight.

    others that i considered
    corsiar hx850
    seasonic x-650 gold (one of the best made in my opinion)
    seasonic x-750
    NZXT HALE82 HALE82-850-M 850W(built with seasonic platform i believe)

    it was hard not to pull the trigger on the seasonic x-650 gold, but the corsair tx850v2 is also built on a seasonic platform
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