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    Nov 2001

    Will you be one of the 350,000 without Internet July 9th?

    Basically The FBI ran a sting operation called "Operation Ghost Click"
    A malware ring was using a DNS changer to redirect people to a different sites.

    apparently no Virus software detects the malware?

    The FBI is planning on shutting down these servers on July 9th and if your machine is still infected you will not be able to access the internet.

    The Story:

    The FBI wants to you visit this site to see if your machine is infected.

    The site

    Just thinking this would be an excellent way for the FBI to get you to grant them permission to scan your machine for whatever they want to find..

    Not to mention if this is such a big deal why is it only being covered by the huff post? How come this hasn't made more News?
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