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Thread: XFX warranty??

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    Jul 2010

    XFX warranty??

    One of my two XFXati5870 2gb cards developed a cooling fan problem and I sent to xfx under rma warranty. They chose to replace with XFX radeon6950. In my testing the replacement 6950 runs slow. I performed 3D MarkVantage gpu test and compared to my existing 2nd 5870 and the 6950 gets a 14,217 score while the 5870 is at 20,506. I'm using same machine/cable and the CPU score is same, but the Jane Nash fps is 40fps for the 6950 and 62fps for the 5870. I sent testing link to XFX on 4/18 but still no response. Their initial response was to link me to a article/testing performance about all 6950's when I complained. But I'm not talking about all 6950's just the one they sent me.

    What do you think I can expect? Its been a while since they responded..?..but they clearly have my info and and all it shows as "being with tech".

    Are they done?

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    Aug 2000

    Re: XFX warranty??

    What's the theoretical difference between the cards? I ask because one obvious possibility is that the two cards are running on different settings. Generally a new card (or new drivers) will run at default settings, and your old card might not. Even of you are forcing setting with a profile, I wouldn't guarantee it is the same. If you weren't using a profile in 3Dmark, try using one.


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