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    Apr 2012
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    Another SLI question

    Hi peeps,
    I have enjoyed a few of the podcasts, by PC Perspective, and thought I'd come here and pick the community brain. Currently I have a GTX 580 MSI Lightning but am not much interested in overclocking it more then the stock settings. May seem strange I chose that card but, at the time, it was on sale and priced comparatively to other 580's. Now I'd like to drop in another 580 and run an SLI setup but I can't find another MSI Lightning card within a reasonable price (amazon wants $670+ for some reason) if at all since it is likely discontinued. Would I be pretty safe going with say an MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozr II card? It is clocked a bit lower but over all I like that fan design.
    Essentially my question is does it matter what other 580 I get or should I look for something specific. My preference of getting the same card seems to be an unlikely out come.

    If you want to know why I want an SLI rig I will briefly explain.
    First I have never run SLI and I'd just like to try it myself and I like the extra future proofing. I think it's very possible I may go from 1080p to a higher res. monitor during the lifetime of this system. I considered selling my card and going with a 590 or even a 690 (ouch) but since I already have a 580 and other 580's are comming down in price that this will be the cheapest option. I should be recieving my HAF X case and 1000W PSU tomorrow so all's I need is another 580 to make this happen.

    Lastly I suppose I have one more question. Cards like 590's and 690's have 2 gpu's on them. Are they essentially seen by the computer as 2 cards and if you run into a game with no SLI profile then you just use 1 gpu on those cards? Be interested to know.

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    Re: Another SLI question

    If I'm not mistaken you can run 2 different versions of the same model SLI but they will run at the slower version speed.
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    Re: Another SLI question

    Nearly but not quite IIRC: they will default to the speed of the one in the first slot (usually the one closest to the CPU) but from memory the nVidia drivers give you the option to specify which card controls the speeds. Third-party tools like EVGA Precision (works on all makes of nVidia cards) also allow you to specify which card controls the speed.


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