I am thinking of replacing the drive in my Mac mini with a SSD and would like some advice on which one to get.
The Mac mini uses a Serial ATA (3 Gb/s) drive so thatís one factor.

Also I will be buying the drive from Amazon because I have a $200 gift card. Which means I probably will have to get a 120GB drive to stay under the $200 mark.
I'm not really looking for the fastest drive, but the best bang for the buck is always nice. The main thing is reliability and stability.

One last thing is compatibility with the Mac mini. Because the Mac mini only has room for one drive I wont be able to just add the new drive to the system and clone the original drive, I will have to install the OS from scratch. I donít know if there are any issues with formatting for the Mac so it has to be compatible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.