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    Mar 2012

    Questions for owners of the Corsair 500r case

    Ok, it looks like I have decided on the Corsair 500r for my next build and I have a few questions. It looks like the H100 will either fit inside or outside the case under the top cover and the 2 fans will fit it the opposite location.
    So, any suggestions on which is a better location and which way should the fans be blowing? Also, which direction should the side fan be blowing? I would think the front fans blowing in and the rear fan blowing out. I would guess the side fan blowing in and the H100 fans blowing out but not sure if that is correct. Also, is there a fan filter on the side fan?


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    May 2000
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    Cool Re: Questions for owners of the Corsair 500r case

    No Filter on the side fan, but I have not noticed much if any dust on the inside of the case, I do wipe off the mesh panel on the outside of the case and find dust build up.

    I have the H100 mounted inside the case with two fans blowing out under the top cover and its been working fine.

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