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    Dec 2011

    New PC build reality check

    It's been about 15 years since I last built a PC. I've been doing some research and plan to build one now. Some last questions before I order though and a quick reality check on my build...

    Processor: i7-3770k (probably overclock to about 4.5GHz)
    Motherboard: Leaning toward the Asus P8Z77-V Pro. Probably mostly due to familiarity. Would like a good alternative with a 1395 header though.
    CPU Cooling: Undecided yet. Best bang for buck.
    Case: Corsair Obsidian 650 or Carbide 500r. Any comments on noise with these two cases?
    Storage: Samsung 830 256gb or Intel 520 240gb - both SATA III 6gb/s. Either of these more reliable than the other? Intel seems to sell for ~$30 premium on Amazon. I'll use a WD Caviar Black 2TB for secondary storage.
    Power supply: Leaning toward Corsair AX750 but looking for more cost efficient option. Definitely want modular though and 750W seems about right for future expansions.
    Video card: Completely undecided. Probably start the build without one. Looking in $200 range.
    RAM: Big questions here. Definitely looking for a 4x4gb option. With the overclocking I'm looking at doing, will I wish I had something faster than 1600 MHz (like 2133 or 2400.) I'm seeing a lot of G.Skill memory in those speeds but not much else. A lot of faster memory also says specifically that it's for the X79 chipset - can this be used with the Z77? What's the difference?
    OS: Win 7 Pro - OEM versus retail - any opinions here? Is retail worth the nearly $100 premium?
    Optical: LG WH12LS39 (blu ray burner)

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Oct 2003
    Edmonton, Alberta

    Re: New PC build reality check

    I have the 3770K on the ASUS Sabertooth Z77 and am quite happy with it.

    I like the Corsair power supplies. Have used them for years without a problem.

    As far as the SSDs I use Corsair. I have 5 of them and have never had a problem. (SSDs are pretty much an individual choice anymore)

    I use 1600 ram (already had it) but am seriously thinking about something faster.

    Good luck on your build, hope it all works for you.
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    Windows 8

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    Mar 2003
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    Re: New PC build reality check

    looks like some good components. I don't see any reason to go with faster ram for the simple fact that it just doesn't get you very much performance at this point. with the way the new cpu's overclock, all you need to do is bump the CPU multi for the core clock and the ram will run at rated speeds. its not like the old days where you needed good overclocking ram in order to bump the FSB. if/when i upgrade again i'll just be looking for something inexpensive with decent timings.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: New PC build reality check

    Thanks guys for the input. I found some patriot 2133 memory 16gb for $120 which isn't a huge premium over the 1600 memory so I'll probably got that although the Corsair and G.Skill memory sure does look a lot better with the sick heat spreaders. I'm not sure what the latencies are yet though. I'm thinking 2133 memory should be some like 10-10-10-28 or 11-11-11-31 or so - sound about right?

    Any opinions on the software choice Win 7 Pro OEM vs retail?

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