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Thread: Corsair Service

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    Jul 2004

    Corsair Service

    Corsair RMA comes through again. RMA'd a 4 yr old CMPSU-520HX PSU and they return me a brand new 650HX.

    Last time it was the HS1 headphones for new Vengance 1300's

    Great service.
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    Jul 2005
    Nashville, TN

    Re: Corsair Service

    Once had a microSD go bad. Got another one in less than a week. Corsair really stands behind their products and supports their customer base!
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    Jul 2004

    Re: Corsair Service

    So lucky. Amazing customer service, for sure!


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    Sep 2001
    Colorafornia, USSA

    Re: Corsair Service

    I've only had to deal with Corsair's service once, and it was a painless, quick process. I had thumb drive that went bad after about 6 months and they immediately sent me a new one. To this day I will only buy Corsair thumb drives!

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    Mar 2003
    Central NJ

    Re: Corsair Service

    probably easier and cheaper for them to pull something new off the line than to keep old stuff in stock. A fantastic way to build some brand loyalty though. I know they do a great job of communicating with their customers regarding upcoming products through non-official channels (forums) and are willing to accomodate people's requests pretty readily. Of course, all my experiences are second hand, since none of the corsair gear i've ever had has gone bust

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    Oct 2008

    Re: Corsair Service

    Yes i two like Corsair RMA process.
    Worth the extra money for that name i say.
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    Aug 2005
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    Re: Corsair Service

    Corsair is one of the better ones.

    Been discussing a RMA with Zotac all day.

    To them, lifetime warranty means,

    Your warranty is void, we have no record of your registration.
    (What? You have every email ever sent by or to you? Back to 1994?
    So, umm, you do have your warranty registration confirmation email.)

    Your warranty is void, until we stop selling that product
    (have the E-Mail where the Rep says that)

    Until the product has reached the end of it's useful lifetime
    (defined as 5 Years when I purchased the product)

    Until we change our minds, and post an updated warranty document online, that removes your warranty.
    (keep checking, we won't notify you)

    Amusing, not.

    The problem with the board is the electrolytic caps are going out, meh, no biggie, just annoying. Wasn't really gonna RMA it, just wanted to see how they react.

    My EVGA board, that's older, also has a 'lifetime' warranty.
    They had a RMA number in my mailbox before I could close the Web-browser.

    I fixed that one myself, it was easier, faster, and cheaper to replace the caps, then to box the board up, pay for the shipping to EVGA, and wait for the return the board.

    Some "web site" should should gather up a bunch of their old equipment, and test these LIFETIME warranties, see who's real, and who's "Just Marketing(tm)".

    Why I'd bet said site could probably even work it into a feature article.

    Of course, that might hurt advertising revenue.

    My two bits.

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    May 2001

    Re: Corsair Service

    Another possible scenario is a manufacturer that always stands behind their product, but you get tired of RMAing their junk every 6 months. They didn't tell me no, but I just needed a computer that worked and realized it would be better to spend money on a reliable product than always on shipping charges and always waiting 2-3 weeks to be back up and running.

    A product with bad caps is just poorly built. I think it could be crappy caps, could be overheating PCB, could be their engineers are idiots. Looking for that lowest price-point to me is dangerous territory. But when I needed to gamble on a cheapo mobo I went with Biostar recently. Not a perfect reputation, but I'm satisfied so far. Going strong a year with a $55 mobo. But I won't spend more than $100 on a motherboard anyway because any mobo really can be badly designed. I also will not pair a processor with a motherboard if it maxes the sustainable wattage. First of all I"m gonna overclock it few hundred mhz and that's gonna raise the watts requirement right there. I want breathing room and then some. The more juice that CPU pulls, the hotter that motherboard PCB gets and if it's out of spec it's probably way too hot because I don't like my PC to be loud either.

    Corsair is a founding father of the geek/DIY industry today for their quality in memory modules. No surprises they would maintain good quality and PR throughout their expansion.
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    Nov 2003

    Re: Corsair Service

    Only folks I'll deal with when it comes to their PSU's and some memory. I once
    messed up a brand new PSU. Corsair's CS was there for me with a new PSU
    delivered to me even though I was the one messed the orig.

    Now that's seriously decent customer service.

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