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    May 2012

    3 670's SLI VS 1 690 Experts Opions please

    Considering this little guys are 400 bucks and the 690's can be found for re-resale for around 1200 bucks I would love to see how 3 670 is SLI compare to 1 690.

    Is this possible to test? Compare single 2560 x 1600 resolutions with the highest setting and multi monitor support and any stuttering drawbacks from SLI,

    Thanks Ryan and Gang!

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    Mar 2002

    Re: 3 670's SLI VS 1 690 Experts Opions please

    I think the more appropriate question is:

    670 SLi vs GTX690 as I don't think you really need three 470s to run games at 25X16.

    Of course, if you found you did you could always add one.

    GTX690 isn't going to win any "bang per buck" against the 670s- it's a high end enthusiast card, for those who don't care about bang per buck.

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