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    Jun 2003

    Re: Dutchcedar's Porsche repair project

    Yeah .itll only take ten minutes to pull the pan while its out,might as well change the timing cover gasket while im here, how about those rod bearings,etc,etc, know the drill.
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    May 2002
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    Re: Dutchcedar's Porsche repair project


    The graphite electrode and brass holder we machined for the job... the hole in the center is for coolant... its sized to go into an 8mm stud...

    This is how we mounted the EDM machine...

    From another angle...

    The power supply is a converted battery charger...

    Scientifically placed towels direct the coolant into a pan as we begin "the burn"...

    Kyler's fascinated...

    More of "the burn"...

    And more...

    The end result? It worked as well as expected and damaged some of the threads. I've drilled out the hole (and two others) with a 5/16" bit and tapped them for 9mm studs and will order some special replacements that are 9mm on one end and 8mm on the other.

    So all's well with my latest money pit.

    I have some stainless steel heat exchangers for it and am expecting a new set of tuned exhaust pipes that bolt to the heat exchangers to be delivered today. I'm working on the other side today and when that's done, I'll order up all the necessary gaskets, studs, copper nuts, etc, required to bolt it up.

    Then its on to repairing the tweaked motor mounts... and the rest of the "to do" list (a very long list).
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    May 2002
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    Re: Dutchcedar's Porsche repair project

    Quote Originally Posted by kbohip View Post
    Scoot, looking at those cars, I can't help but think of the changes there have been in your state since they were new. What a difference between then and now! I mean when they were new, California was sitting at the tip of the spear of the greatest country the world had ever seen. What a time to have lived there! Sorry to go ot, just reminiscing I guess.
    Not to rekindle the little "Piss-A-Thon" that was starting up. Dutch's project is finished so, a little OT is fine here.

    Yes indeed, California in the 50's-70's and even the 80's really, it was great. I was born and grew up in the San Joaquin valley. Through the 60's, from Fresno looking east on most days you could see the Sierra Nevada mountains clearly - the view was breathtaking, beautiful.

    Now we have spotted owl, and kangaroo mouse (almost forgot the wonderful California Condors - I lived there 35 years and never saw one) habitats on what was once the most productive agricultural area the world has ever known.

    Much of the industry has fled, Aerospace, Electronics, Auto to name a few that have high paying jobs. Industries that are left behind like Agribusiness are strangled with red tape, regulations and taxes. The San Joaquin valley was once known as the Bread Basket of the world - now it's in a shambles. I won't even go into why - but will mention that California is known to be a heavily Libberal state.

    Unemployment rates in the central valley cities are among the highest in the nation - Fresno, Merced, Stockton.....

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