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    Apr 2012

    Question weird RAM frequency after OC'ing CPU

    harro all.

    so I have an amd a8 3850 (non black version) with an a55 asrock mobo with 8gb (2x4 sticks) of 1600 ram ddr3.

    so the only way to OC my CPU is to drop the multiplier and raise the frequency.

    just kept the multiplier at 29 and raised the frequency to 118 for an over all CPU frequency at 3422mhz not bad.

    SO this is where my problem lies. over clock went good but overclocking the frequency on the bios raises the frequency of EVERYThing on my mobo as i knew. So i dropped my ram to 1066 since it would OC my ram a little automatically to an unknown frequency.

    now my ram is at a weird 1257mhz and the next tab up it lists 1572 then 1888mhz (it cant run at 1888). now i thought it would just overclock from 1066mhz to 1333mhz then to 1600 as it normally is. but now i cant even select my rams rated speed at 1600mhz

    i thought bleh ill just run it at 1888mhz but it wouldnt boot at that speed so i had to reset the bios jumper to default settings and reclocked my CPU at 3422 and ram at that weird 1257.

    what to do? how do i get my 1600mhz ram speed back instead of these weird speeds. CPU-Z lists my DRAM frequency at 636.9mhz and i didnt touch the NB frequency on the OC screen in my bios but it said it was listed at 516mhz


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    Jan 2004

    Re: weird RAM frequency after OC'ing CPU

    Memory speed is set by a multipler of the reference clock. The stock reference clock is 200MHz, and changing this to OC, as you have, will change the possible memory speeds you can select.

    There is no way to select DDR 1600 without the memory multiplier, multiplied by the reference clock, equaling 1600.

    1572 should be more than close enough to be indistinguishable in practice.

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