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    Mar 2012
    Los Angeles

    Question GPU overclocking tips?

    I've recently been reading lots of articles, guides, ect. about GPU overclocking and i'm coming off a bit confused. Most everything i read people suggest the same or very similar stress test tools. However in my case the tools don't seem to stress my GPU at all, for example. Using FurMark or Kombustor will get 99% utilization, and my GPU will get hot, but the clock speed doesn't max out or stay stable even at stock clock speeds. The clocks seem to jump around everywhere in between the low power clocks (500MHz) and the 3d clocks (940MHz) quite often. I have found the Tessmark and ONLY one test in Kombustor will stress my GPU quite a bit, however stable overclocks in those applications don't seem to apply to real world usage like gaming. A seemingly stable overclock with tools, isn't stable in my games. BF3 and Crysis 2 lock up and the screen either goes black or will have a kind of pinstripe design on the screen that had the game. I have been slowly raising the voltages and launching BF3, and i am seeing progress, ie: i get farther and farther each time i restart. But there has to be a better way, waiting for Origin to launch and launch Chrome and then launch the game, and then wait for the level to load. It obviously is extremely time consuming. Is there a better tool? Is there a better way?
    I'm running a R6970 Lightning, btw
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