Considering buying a Drobo but have read a lot of user have then brick/dying on them.

I read that Scott Kellby has had fourth go this way now.

So I've looked around to see how many times this happens and it seem a lot.

I've be read a lot of good reviews as well about drobo and a lot of bad and it does seem that the drobo does the job it meant to do but the unit/hardware is the part that is no good.

I was about 1 month of buy one but now I don't know if it worth it as it a lot of cash to pay for something that may die with in a year or two if that from something of what I have read.

So does anyone here have one? or had one and if so has this happen to you?

if I don't get one what would be the next best thing to start to keep my data save? at this time just using usb drivers and have a small amount on skydive but can't put it all up there and I