I work as a computer technician and I have an interesting problem with memory failing memory test. The system that I am currently building for a customer has the following specs

MSI all in one: MS-AC73
2x4GB 1333MHZ memory
I5-2400 3.10Ghz Processor
Windows 7 x64

The problem I am having is out of the 8 systems I have built for this customer all systems have failed memory test. I am using memscope to test these systems, however I have noticed one thing when I go to exchange the memory in the system. The memory is always HOT, to the point of burning my fingers. I was wondering if anyone has seen related problems and how to fix it. I previously built 120 of the same system with the same specs and had about a 85% failure on memory on those and after weeks of changing memory and testing it I got them to work, however I don't have that kind of time with these systems. Help!!!!!