I recently found out my notebook hard drive is operating in SATA-1 mode when both it (Seagate ST9200420AS) and the chipset (HP 8510w, ICH8M) support SATA-2.

In my search for a solution I have come across discussion of AHCI, but as far as I can tell this is enabled. In the BIOS “SATA Native Mode” is enabled, which I think is necessary to enable it. Furthermore, I installed Intel matrix storage console and the HD shows up under “Intel ICH8M SATA AHCI Controller” on port 0. In this program the ‘current serial ATA transfer mode’ is reported as ‘generation 1’ . I get similar readouts in other programs like HDDScan: “SATA Gen2 3.0 Gb/s: Not Supported”.

I checked the disk, the SATA-1 mode jumpers are not present.

Anyone have any ideas?

This is not a major issue at the moment with the current drive, but I was looking at getting an SSD, for which SATA1 will be a problem.