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    Aug 2012

    Running ram's in dual channel causes BSOD

    Hello, I have Asus P5Q SE motherboard and had 2x1 GBs Kingston DDR2 RAMs. Recently I bought 2x2 GB DDR2 Zeppelin RAMs. The motherboard has four dual channel DIMM slots. Yellow-Black-Yellow-Black. My old rams were in the yellow slots, dual channel. They worked and still work. If I add one or both of the Zeppelins into black slots, it just BSODs on startup. BIOS shows the correct RAM memory in any configuration, but Windows 7 64bit BSODs.

    I tried all configurations from which:
    Two zeppelins Yellow-Black: Windows starts
    Two Kingstons Yellow-Black: Windows starts
    Two kingstons Yellow-Yellow: Windows starts
    In any other configuration the Windows BSODs on startup.

    Currently Iam running two zeppelins singe channel but Id like to run all 6GBs.

    Thank you for help,


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    Jan 2004

    Re: Running ram's in dual channel causes BSOD

    Running more than one DIMM per channel often requires slightly looser timings/subtimings, or a bump to the vDIMM or MCH voltage.

    If both sets of memory are rated for the same speed and timings, all that should be required is bumping command rate to T2 and maybe loosening tRFC.

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