This is the problem.
Every once or twice a day this laptop that i am working on with bug up.
This is what i see.
It half frozen, I can move the mouse but need to be patient It is like having 4 frames per second.
The screen goes black, Then screen will only show task bar everything else is black, Then everything shows, Then everything but the taskbar, Then the back to black again.
It is hard to restart it normally but not impossible just takes you 40 minutes to do it.
Once you restart everything is normal again.
Usually happens when on the internet, using chrome or Firefox, exactly the same thing happens. Or not on the internet but with MS word open etc

I was thinking it was a driver problem of the gpu?
How do you uninstall and reinstall a gpu driver?

If not enough information please ask.
Here are the system specs:
Windows 7 64bit Home Premium Edition
windows Updates installed

Vendor Dell
Release Date 03/30/2011
BIOS Version String A12

SMBios Version 2.6

Intel core i7 cpu q 720 1.60GHz

RAM 4gigs

ATI 1GB RAM Radeon HD 5470
Driver Version 8.680.0.0. (11-18-2009)
Fan 30%
Display mode 1366x768 (32-bit) (60 Hz)

Temp 60C

Anyways hope the community can help me out.