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    Aug 2012

    How many video cards?

    I have always wondered (never been able to afford it) how many video cards you could get in a system. I have heard of quad card set ups. Lets say you have 4 690's if you mother board would support it, what kind of power supply would you need? Just always wondered. I'm sure someone has done something similar.

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    Nov 2007

    Re: How many video cards?

    Usually have a max of 4 x single GPU cards, or two x dual GPU cards. But of course it depends on the system, the cards, and the amount of slots/space available.
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    Re: How many video cards?

    Because they only have one SLI connector, you're limited to two 690's in SLI. Well, I'm sure there is a technical limitation, but the physical layout of the card prevents you from connecting more than two anyway. The power supply that would be required would most likely exceed the supply capacity of a single outlet.

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