I enjoyed learning to oc and was thrilled how much "extra performance" I could attain.

Now, I've gone back to stock for a serious consideration of the thermals. At stock 3.9GHz my thermals hang around 40C. At oc to 4.5 to 4.7 I get thermals in the high 90Cs. Obviously, I could oc further and find Intel pulling back core multiplier to stay under Tj.

I don't really appreciate the longterm effects of sustained thermals more than twice those of full load at stock. I just seems unnecessary wear, if indeed it accounts for wear.

Short of sage advice from you, I think I will run the rig at stock until I find myself in a situation where the extra juice seems warranted. I still want to rethink the cooling to some degree; I want to exchange a 230mm for the temporary 200mm fan, and I want to replace those LOUD Corsair fans that came with the H100. I'll recheck the thermal profiles at that point, but my suspicion is heat is a cumulative corrosive that will ultimately bleed away the life of my lovely new i7 and Z77.


PS: I'm planning to wander to a different thread to query recommendations for those push/pull horizontal 120mm fans I'm shopping for, but feel free to offer that advice. So far, I think I understand that high pressure fans will be better than high airflow for this purpose, that there are bearing types that work better vertical and others that work better horizontal. I have a Corsair 120mm AF as exhaust, I'm liking it, so I'm considering the Corsair SP fans.