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Thread: No memory

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    Sep 2012

    No memory

    HP Notebook Windows 7 Starter 1 Gb memory.

    Memory seems to be taken up close to 95% right from start without use of programmes. In a disgnostic start-up with only 4 sysyetm files loaded and about 3 services, the Task manager still showed 450 Mb in use.

    I've scanned and scanned and system seems clean. Tried memtest86 but computer does not allow (apparently) boot from CD, other then restore original system. Its own memory tester says 100% ok!!!!

    How can this be?

    Thank you


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    Aug 2012

    Re: No memory

    Do you have SuperFetch enabled? Windows SuperFetch predicts what programs you may use and "pre-launches" these programs into memory even though they don't appear in Task Manager or on the Taskbar. I wonder if your situation will be much improved if you disable SuperFetch.

    I'm curious if the utilized memory drops much if you disable the Windows bells and whistles. Did you change the Performance Options to Adjust for best performance? On my machine this turns off Aero, all animations etc, and frees up a measly 40MB or so.

    But my machine uses just about 1GB even with no programs running and SuperFetch active. I wonder if that is the root of your issue.
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