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    Raid 5 on intel Z68 few questions

    So I just picked up three 3TB western digital red drives and put em in Raid 5 on my Asus Maximus ExtremeZ z68 mobo using the intel chipset with the intel smart response storage tech thing.

    Anyway my main question is basically if my motherboard dies or if I upgrade someday is my raid setup screwed then? I work with raid at work all the time but its in dell servers and stuff so obviously a whole different ballpark. I know raid info is stored on the drives but what exactly happens if I do get a new motherboard or this one dies? It seems far more likely to happen sooner than any of these drives failing...

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    Re: Raid 5 on intel Z68 few questions

    As long as the replacement board has an ICH10R controller with the version of orom in use on the old board or newer then it'll be fine as they're now unified (however, if you're traversing to an X79 board with a C series sata controller, it wont work).

    Unless they change something drastically in the way it's implemented (no longer making it unified), I wouldnt doubt it'll be forward compatible with future consumer intel controllers (ICH11R?) as well.
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