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    Mar 2009

    Two questions for FT02 owners...

    1. How feeble is your psu dangling from four simple sheet metal screws? Seems to me Silverstone cut a big corner and didn't fab a shelf into the case. A velcro strap and single plastic foot seems like a stopgap measure rather than a real solution. Is the psu wonk or actually stable and solid?

    2. Are there any hidden or tucked away areas to affix an ssd or two? I simply refuse to allow an ssd to exist in a case un-affixed and don't want to waste one of the five 3.5" hdd bays.

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    Re: Two questions for FT02 owners...

    When I owned a FT02 case, I used the Corsair AX1200 PSU which is 200mm long. The power supply was held in place quite securely by the screws at the top, and the plastic wedge just servers to provide some vertical support. The velcro strap prevents lateral movement for long PSU's, but in reality the four standard screws hold the PSU quite securely.

    The Ft02 comes with a SSD mounting bracket, that attaches to the back of the optical drive mounts.

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