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    Oct 2012

    RAID-1 Failures - SiI3114

    I'm using a SiI 3114 add on PCI board, and am having problems rebuilding/re-creating my RAID-1 after it got broken.

    The architecture - i386 PC w/ XP O/S SP3, MOBO ECS - K8T890-A.

    I've reformatted the disks (quick & regular), made them basic, dynamic - every possible permutations of treatments - all to no avail. I am seeking therefore to update / flash the bios, install new drivers etc ehich I have already done.

    I've downloaded
    StdInstallation tools &
    The Drivers etc.

    The usage instruction for the SiFlashTool.exe to flash ==>

    SiFlashTool [/BusNum:xx /DevNum:xx] [/File:filespec] [/v]
    File: This parameter specifies the path and name of the BIOS image file to be programmed.

    The command line setup I used was
    SiFlashTool.exe /Bus:00 /DevNum:08 /File:"C:\Program files\Silicon Image\SiISATARaid"
    (with and without the quotes)

    Where precisely is this file to be found? (file PATH)
    I've searched everywhere, even did an exhaustive search for *.bin file extensions but not comming up with anything useful.
    AND what should the filename be, if perchance I missed it

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nov 2001

    Re: RAID-1 Failures - SiI3114

    Well that's just the flash utility, the various bios files are also here
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    Jan 2010
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    Re: RAID-1 Failures - SiI3114

    The majority of add-on pci cards that have the 3114 chip on them can have their bios updated in the device properties page, once the sil drivers have been updated (as shown in the added image) <last and most up to date 3114 raid bios released <last and latest drivers for above said bios.
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