I would like to build the Mid Range System and have three questions.

1st Has the "Ivy Bridge not working with the GA-Z68AP-D3 board" problem, mentioned in a previous post been resolved?

2nd Does the GA-Z68AP-D3 board have "on board sound? I notice when comparing different GA-Z68 models at NewEgg that the GA-Z68AP does not list having a Reatek ALC889 Audio Chipset, but the other Z68 models do.

3rd I would like to use the setup without a video card (at least initially), but notice that it does NOT have a "Video port (DSub+DVI)" or a "Display port (1+Display port) like the GA-Z68X-U3DH does. Does this mean that I could use the -U3DH without a video card, but not the -D3?

Thanks for any assistance, Bill