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    Nov 2012

    Question Affordable water cooling parts

    Hi everyone,

    I am thinking about water cooling my system. I just want to cool my CPU right now but I want to be able to add a Video Card cooler later. I picked some parts like water block, radiator, compression fittings and hoses. I am still missing a pump and a reservoir, and I would like to combine both together so I can save the connection between them. I also think it looks better and is easier to handle. Does anybody have any experience with those kind of combinations and can recommend some ? It should be about 100 bucks together and it does not have to be a factory combined part so both parts could be used seperately.

    Thanks for any answer.

    Regards Roooker
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    Oct 2012

    Re: Affordable water cooling parts

    I've found that the EK-D5 X-RES pump tops work very well. There is a version for the DDC style pumps too. I got one that fits two D5 pumps and can mount a EK X-RES reservoir. The EK-D5 X-RES 140 CSQ comes with the reservoir too.

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    Dec 2000
    Cape Cod, MA

    Re: Affordable water cooling parts

    Or just skip the reservoir altogether and just use a T-fitting. Works just as well, and eliminates the issue of reservoir leaks.

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