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    Aug 2002

    I need an upgrade.....Help please!

    I have been an AMD user since about '95, my first was a 600Mhz purchased from BB (forgot the brand but I think it was an Acer), I than started DIY using the Acer case and upgrading the MB along with slapping in a T-bird 1 gig prosessor. I have been through several builds and am currently at my sig, it's deffinetly getting long in the tooth!
    I have had cold boot problems for about 6 months (not sure if it's the PSU or MB) and recently devolped BSOD problems. I checked my sticks individually and one of them turned out to be bad so I removed it, now i'm running on 1 gig and my rig is running a bit slower but no BSOD problems.

    With that said i'm long overdue for an upgrade and i'd like to stay with AMD and would like some advice (i'm thinking about $1000 total)
    I know i'll have to upgrade my OS so please keep that in mind.
    My wants are...
    An SSD
    1 TB HD to go along with my SSD
    Video card does not have to be cutting edge but I would prefer ATI
    16 gigs ram(?)
    MB around $100ish?
    I'm not sure if I need a new PSU, i'll see if I can get it checked out
    I have a Pentax K-5 and will be using Lightroom for prosessing my raw files (raw files are around 20Mb)

    Thanks as always,
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    Jan 2010

    Re: I need an upgrade.....Help please!

    At the risk of being seen as unimaginitive, you could start like I one of the HW Leaderboard systems based on budget, and replicate it. At least you know the thing will work! Tweak it by using resources like Best of luck, have fun with it!

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    Jul 2010

    Re: I need an upgrade.....Help please!

    I think your best bet is with the CPU. Get the best AMD CPU and then the cheapest mobo and mem you can as you mentioned image processing and for that I would probably go Intel.

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    May 2005

    Re: I need an upgrade.....Help please!

    If you're going down the SSD route, make sure that everything is automatically backed up or stored to the sata drive. As SSD can be temperamental. And if the drive becomes corrupt, kiss bye bye to all your files permanently.
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    Jul 2013
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    Re: I need an upgrade.....Help please!

    I agree with Fr3d about backing everything never know.

    To answer your question, you have lots of options, especially with your budget:

    I'd start by checking out some of the 7000 series gpus (you can start here), these will do great for gaming.

    As for memory, 8GB is fine, but I never say no to more mem, so if you can squeeze 16GB in your budget, I'd say go for it!

    CPU: I'd look at the FX 8-core

    About the PSU, recent GPUs require more power, so when shopping, make sure you meet the min requirements. Anything above 600W should work.

    One last thing, check Amazon or Newegg
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