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    Mar 2012
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    Upgrading the C Drive

    Forgive my noobness....

    I have a windows 8 PC, where the C drive is a 64GB SSD. Between the windows 8 install and other important apps with important data, I'm running out of space. Is it possible, if I buy a 256GB SSD to merge it into the current C drive, to make it a 320GB C drive without losing or moving the data already there? Maybe by using GParted? No raid needed, speed is not issue on this PC, its working as a server.

    thanks for the help, and if anyone knows of a tutorial to point me towards?

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    Re: Upgrading the C Drive

    I don't think so. Your talking about a drive pool or JBOD type array which I don't think is bootable. Plus the performance hit would take away the benefits of the SSD's.
    I would clone the 64GB on to the 256 and keep the 64 as a separate drive with a few of my favorite games on it.

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    Re: Upgrading the C Drive

    I think Sotiri hit the nail on the head. If you do clone the drive over to the new SSD, be sure you're doing it properly.. I seem to recall there being an issue with the sectors not being aligned properly when migrating from an HDD to an SSD, but I'm not sure if that applies for SSD->SSD migration

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    Re: Upgrading the C Drive

    I don't think mobo raid is worth it, hardware raid is much better but pricey.
    Best is single PCI express SSD if you maximum speed.

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