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    Mar 2011
    Dallas, TX

    *UPDATE* Galaxy MDT GT 610 Quad DVI $9.99 amir!!

    *UPDATE, this deal just went from good to ridiculously good*

    Anyone needing a simple and compact card to hook up 4 displays? There's an awesome deal on Galaxy's MDT GT 610 with quad DVI support right now at TigerDirect:

    -Supports 4 DVI displays (2 discreet outputs) at up to 1920x1200, landscape orientation
    -Bundled MDT EZY software sets desired window behavior with a single click
    -Single slot form factor with quiet custom cooler
    -Supports 2x1/3x1/4x1 span and 2x2 stack modes

    $34.99 - $25 MIR = $9.99
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