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    Sep 2012

    18A on a 12V rail ok?

    Thought I would ask before the install process. I have a NIB OCZ 600W PSU. The specs say 18Amps on the 12V rail of which there are 4 rails. Wondering if this is good enough for the new 3570 build with a 670 video card?

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    Re: 18A on a 12V rail ok?

    You need to contact OCZ and see how the rails are setup. If the rails are setup completely separate of one another, you could have a problem cause the system you speak of could easily overload any of the rails which may not cause any damage but will seriously limit the performance. The multiple rail thing never was a good idea, it was more of a marketing thing than a performance booster.
    My recommendation, for it's worth, would be a 600w-700w PSU with a single 12v rail rated at 50A-60A.
    Something like this do just fine:
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    Re: 18A on a 12V rail ok?

    18A on 12V rails are the industry standard. Most power supplies will tell you what rails supply what cables/peripherals. Having multiple rails is not a bad thing, you just need to be careful. Multiple rails do have an advantage in overall efficiency over the single, big rail (and even most of those fused rail products are not entirely a single rail). Also, in most of these supplies, the rails are already split off so you can't mess them up. For example the CPU power will be on a different rail than the SATA/Molex connectors, while the PCI-E cables are on a different rail for graphics.
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    Sep 2012

    Re: 18A on a 12V rail ok?

    I like how the ZT cables are arranged, better than the GameXstream setup. My main concern is will I have enough of the right cables for a Sandy bridge/ sata board with the GameXstream psu? I see in the manual the psu supports ATX 2.0 and I don't know if the Gigabyte UD3H Z77 board is 2.0 or not? I counted 3 sata plugs I think my setup will use all 3 of them. There are 2 plugs just for the Nvidia card which I will need. The mainboard connector is a 20+4 connector. The cpu is a 4+4 so I guess I have enough. As much as I would like the newer PSU I'll give this modstream a try and see how everything works first. If not I'll order a new PSU.

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