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    Jun 2003
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    Bad ground? Short?

    Many times when I touch my case (Rosewill Challenger), I hear a small electrical pop, and my computer will freeze. And it happens most times when I plug in headphones in to the front panel.

    I'm trying to narrow down why this is happening so I can fix it.

    I'm not sure if it's the MB not grounded to the case correctly, or if it's power supply related (ePOWER EP-600NE-XV), or maybe it's the surge protector/outlet?

    Any suggestions?

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    Aug 2002
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    Re: Bad ground? Short?

    Easy to test !
    Just take a wire, loosen a mounting screw for the MB, twist the end of the wire and put it under the screw head and tighten it down and take the other end of the wire and put it under a screw for the case and tighten.
    If the problem has gone away then you've found and fixed the problem !
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    Nov 2001

    Re: Bad ground? Short?

    I would think it's more likely to be a bad ground through the wiring to your wall socket or perhaps beyond.
    Tried plugging it into another wall outlet in another room ?

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