It is almost done. Planning to mod my Cosmos 1000 for even more watercooling but to do that I still want a PC to use in the mean time. So as a weekend project I modded a 200R to fit a triple rad into the front of the case. The modding went well. Seriously thin metal so it didn't take very long to make the cuts. Then came the part where I move the parts to the case and try running a new loop. That was not fun. Less space means more elbow fittings and some of those leaked. Not on the board but still leaked. Replaced those with extras on hand. It got solved but not before that I accidentally dumped the contents of a half full res on my leg. So after the first, second, and third plans failed I finally got something together that does not leak and not too difficult to drain. It's going to be hard to bleed air from it but that's for later.

So I have a question. Was I crazy to attempt this or just crazy to use 3/4in tubing in a mid-tower. Or should I just scrap the larger tubing in favour of something thinner life 5/8in tubing? I'll post a picture once I get off work.