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    Mar 2005

    ASUS K73E Caddy bay screws? Screws not included, got to be kidding me

    Where can I get the tinny 4 screws that hold the Caddy to the frame of the laptop? (Not the screws that attach the drive to the Caddy as I think they are common)
    ASUS sells Caddys and doesn't provide any screws which is completely stupid and rotten of them. They charge $22.00 bucks for a thin piece of metal and can't even put 4 tinny screws in? What is this world coming to. All the stores say that they are special parts that you have to get from the manufacture. What ever the reason there is no good excuse for not putting 4 little screws in. I was on the phone with Asus today and asked if they sell them. The guy said that they are out of stock if they're not listed. They weren't even listed. Going to call back and try another person when they open again.

    2011 same thing: The guy had to make a special call to have them sent out.

    Obviously you buy a Caddy because the laptop doesn't have one, you think maybe the customer needs the screws ASUS?

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    Nov 2001

    Re: ASUS K73E Caddy bay screws? Screws not included, got to be kidding me

    Maybe they are included in this: ?
    #1 Asus P5E-VM HDMI (htpc backup)
    2x 2gb Corsair Q6600 7900gt
    Wd 250gb sata, NEC dvd burner
    Antec Neo 480,Avermedia a180 HDTV,Cooler Master Mystique case
    LG L246WP-BN 24" widescreen monitor,Vista Home Premium
    #2 HTPC Athlon64 AM2 5000+ BE x2, CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-6400
    ABIT AN-M2, TV Wonder 650 PRO, HauppaugeWinTV-HVR-1600
    ASUS EN8600GT SILENT, LG BluRay/HD dvd combo
    250gb Wd sata II,Xgene HTPC case +Scythe and SilentX fans
    Panasonic AX100 projector + 106" Graywolf screen, Vista Home
    #3 Asus Eee 4g

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    Mar 2005

    Re: ASUS K73E Caddy bay screws? Screws not included, got to be kidding me

    I ordered the screws, Thank you CMB!
    However, This is UNREAL:


    Ok, I also went ahead and ordered a Caddy rack for my laptop from ASUS last week, after having multiple conversations with their corporate office as to why they don't include the screws, (and I sent them links to all the other people on the net complaining about the same thing). I also explained to them that NONE of the stores carry these screws. Later that day I called the ASUS store, someone there mentioned that if you specify that you need them in the comments section of the order, then they will send them. Well that is exactly what I did. I said, "Please send the caddy screws, I do not have them".

    Well I got the thing today Jan 10th and still... NO screws. Amazing. (Are they really that stupid?)
    I felt the need to share this info with others in order to keep my sanity.

    With that said, i want to thank you CMB, I had ordered the screws off that link you sent me and I'm good to go.
    Had I not ordered that I'd be sitting here waiting for ASUS to send them.

    ASUS might have great hardware, but they have a bunch of morons running the company.
    Like I told them on the phone, "I should send you people a bill for all my phone calls".
    I realize people make mistakes, I'm not perfect. But after talking to multiple people at the coop office and also explaining the same situation to the eStore staff, they still shipped it with no screws. This is sad.
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