I'm reading about color profiles to know more because I just bought spyder LCD calibrator but I can't get any info I want.
I'm using WinXP and Radeon HD with its Catalyst driver.

So far I am assuming like this:
Upon fresh install of WinXP, it installs "plug&play" video card drivers and it works.

I've come accross this term called LUT (look up table), a RAM area inside the video card.
It's for accommodating a color profile such as the one produced by an LCD calibrator.

My questions:
1) does this LUT area in the video card get loaded when no propriety drivers such as Catalyst is installed ?
2) If yes, then what's loaded into it? With WinXP's sRGB color space.icm? From BIOS inside the video card ?
3) Does the AMD Catalyst driver load its own color profile into the video card's LUT by default ?