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    THQ Explodes, Game Franchises & Studios Auctioned Off

    THQ, which published a few cool PC games, is dead. Today, everything they owned, including game franchises and developers, was auctioned off. Some of our favorite studios and games now how new owners.

    - The rights to the Company of Heroes games, and developer Relic has been sold to Sega for $26,000,000.

    - The rights to the Saints Row games and developer Volition has been purchased by Koch Media (German company, no relation to right-wing Koch brothers) for $22,300,000.

    - The publishing rights to the Metro (Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light) video game series has been purchased by Koch Media for $5,800,000.

    (Koch Media is the parent company of Deep Silver, which publishes crap like Dead Island, but also has published some good games like Risen and the X games.)

    - 2K Games has acquired the publishing rights for Turtle Rock Studio's upcoming Cry Engine FPS game for $11,000,000. Turtle Rock is of course the people who made the Counter-Strike bot, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and the first Left 4 Dead.

    - Crytek bought the rights to the Homefront series for $500,000. May seem strange because the first Homefront was kind of dead on arrival, but Crytek was under contract to make Homefront 2 for THQ and now they own the series. Okay, I guess. Gives them a second franchise to work on other than Crysis.

    - The French/Canadians at Ubisoft purchased THQ's new Montreal studio for $2,500,000. This studio hadn't made any games yet, but was founded and run by Patrice Desilets, the famed game developed who created the early Assassin's Creed games for Ubisoft. Now he's back working for the old bosses.

    - Ubisoft also purchased the rights to the upcoming South Park RPG for $3,200,000. This is contentious and will go to court probably because Trey Parker & Matt Stone said if THQ went bankrupt, the rights to the South Park game would revert back to them. THQ said "um no" and auctioned it off anyway. Since THQ is dead, this is probably an issue between Ubisoft and South Park, but Ubisoft is probably an okay fit for this game.

    I don't know if there are any Darksiders fans here, but the Darksiders franchise and developer Vigil received no bids. Shocked by this, because those games were always critically acclaimed. Wonder if the sales numbers were bad or something.

    THQ also owns the license for the WWE wrestling games on consoles. Rumor has it the WWE license reverted back to WWE and WWE is expected to announce a new video game partner.

    TL : DR - Sega now owns Relic and Company of Heroes. Koch Media (Deep Silver) now owns Saints Row, Volition and the Metro 2033 franchise.

    I think the Sega thing is a good fit. They own Creative Assembly and have been publishing the Total War games which have still been really great. If Relic gets the freedom and budget that Creative Assembly gets, good for them.

    The Koch Media/Deep Silver fit is weird. They usually publish weird low-budget games. Some of which I like, some of which are hot garbage. Please don't screw up Saints Row and Metro.

    If you want to know more, this guy has been covering it on Twitter:
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    Re: THQ Explodes, Game Franchises & Studios Auctioned Off

    I guess its a shame, but thats business. Hopefully the new owners will be good caretakers. I think I have the most hope for the properties Sega bought.

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    Re: THQ Explodes, Game Franchises & Studios Auctioned Off

    I hope they just take care of my baby: Company Of Heroes
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