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    Jul 2002
    Cornelius, OR

    Testing a new system / Troubleshooting

    I remember putting things together to test systems and putting the bare MB on a non-conductive surface (Cardboard box) and firing it up.

    I did that using my old (Questionable CPU) Ram, Video card and a new PSU and MB.

    No Lights, no action, Nothing

    The PSU doesn't appear to spin up.

    If the CPU is bad wouldn't the board and PSU do something?
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    Jan 2010

    Re: Testing a new system / Troubleshooting

    I have heard many times you can boot up a system out-of-case for troubleshooting purposes, though I have not tried that myself.

    We thrive on specifics...perhaps you could tell us some about your exact components that you are trying to put together.

    In the meantime, make sure to reseat memory and plug in cpu fan.

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