I searched everywhere, but this info is very hard to come by. I need two dimensions.

#1 The When the monitor itself is at its lowest point on the stand, how far does it sit from the desk? The lowest point of the frame. Then when its set at its lowest point, how high in total is the monitor?
Now I have two sites that says its about 40mm or 1.5748 inches.

Both of those sites agree, that its 40mm or 4cm. However, I need to make sure 100 percent its at that point. Then, when its at its lowest setting how high is the monitor in total?

#2 The height of the stand itself, from bottom to top.

I have limited desk space and those two answers are imperitive for me to know to buy this great monitor.

Also, this is my first post on pcper ever! Ive been listening to the podcast for years, its very informative. I posted this problem on a different site, but never got the correct dimensions. I didnt know where else to turn, so I thought why not pcper! Thats just a little side story of me -)