Hello All,

Looking for some thoughts and ideas on a couple of things. Currently in the process of building a Picture Frame PC, much like this one. The only differences is that I'm going to run Windows Server 2012, and use it to tinker with Powershell, and use it as a HTPC.


I've already picked up most of the Parts thanks to some nice sales at my local Micro Center. They are as follows
  • i3-3225 w/ Stock Cooler
  • MSI B75MA-E33 Micro ATX Mobo
  • Samsung 840 120GB
  • 16 GB Crucial Ram

The obvious piece missing from this is a PSU which brings me to my first reason for coming here. Any suggestions for a Small, Quiet and Cool PSU? I've been looking at some 1U server PSUs but I feel like they'll be louder and hotter then I'd like.

The next thing I'm thinking about is the cable/port management. In the Video above He simply runs the wires through the edge of the case. Since I'll be building the frame from scratch I was going to place an Ethernet and hopefully HDMI keystone to make those connections a little cleaner. From my point of view this leaves me with 2 options for the PSU. Either I can cut the frame so that the PSU is flush with the edge like most PC cases, or I could use some sort of extension cable to just leave a port and vent for the PSU. (I'd use some tubing or card stock to direct the air flow out the port in this case)

My goal is to make this whole thing as clean as possible. Any thoughts on adding the ports to the edge of the case? Anything you think I may have forgotten or not thought of? Thank you in Advance