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    Feb 2013

    New gaming machine incoming. Tweaking help

    Yeah basically, I want this info before my laptop arrives. It's gonna be a gaming beast with a radeon 7970M dedicated(discrete) video card, 8Gb of RAM, windows 8, intel i7 3630QM & a 17.3-inch WideFHD 1920 x 1080 60Hz WLED screen.

    I am a total n00b(almost total xD) when it comes to tweaking. I wanna basically know, from the time I turn on the laptop for the 1rst time till the end of the week, all the tweaks I should do in order to get my machine to run full potential for gaming.

    Drivers update, BIOS tweaking, etc... I don't know jack squat about any of this, remember that... :/

    So please, every tweak u can think of, that won't harm my pc, write it here & explain to me why I should do that.

    PS : not sure if this changes anything but, I downloaded the "tweaking companion for Windows 8" from the famous "tweakguides" website written by the beast called Koroush Ghazi. I'm pretty sure all I need to know is in there, the only problem is... the pdf is almost as big as the bible :/ xDD

    So basically what I ask, is that u guys shorten things for me...

    Thank u very much.

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: New gaming machine incoming. Tweaking help

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