Life has been a mess, so why not return to the tranquillity of the Pond and my nice comfy Lilly Pad. I finally got one of my systems back crunching, but not at full capacity, i7 920, asus P6T6 WS Revolution MB, it had 3 5870's but I was having probs with one a long time ago and pulled it, may be nothing it was a really tight fit, H50 water cooled, High quality corsair power supply, Cosmos S case, but while I designed it myself I had it built for me, actually it was to be a cruncher only that was it's sole purpose, and it was $3,000, no operating system even. I had purchased another system just a year before same price that was to be my daily machine, HAF Case, pair of GTX 295, i7 920, Rampage II Extreme motherboard, bitch is the heat sink, giant NOTEC, which while over hauling I messed up, boot and die in 30 seconds so a heat problem, I bought an H60 years age but never installed it, I did another heat sink alignment and while I just plugging it it, no peripherals it ran for a while no shut down. The non usable 5870 may still be ok but lifetime warranty.

I have part's galore in fact the guys who delivered my new washer and dryer last year asked if I repaired computers for a living, and they only saw one room, I am not a hoarder, just someone who isn't the sales type, but I have promised a computer to a friend who desperately needs an upgrade, and I know I have a qaud core with a GTX 250 just sitting around that became not cost effective to run (Hydro), when I had the 2 i7 920's highly over clocked (rampage let you chose i7 965 with a click, and 3 5870's all over clocked, plus the pair of 295's each with 2 cards each, so 2 over-clocked processors and 7 video cards plus fans galore, running 24/7 it got costly. I did manage to hit #2 in canada was was gaining on #1, and #154 in world, GPU's changed everything, I started out with the AMD Dual Core when it first came out, a project run out of Mt. Sinai here in Toronto, some brain research department and it finished so I followed some respected crunchers and landed in the Pond. Crunchers used to have be more tech savvy not just able to afford a powerful machine, they had to run farms, dozens of cpu linked systems, all of a sudden an inexpensive GTX 250 could do more.

I was pleased to see we still have a decent number of active crunchers, for the folks who have stopped for what ever reason, they didn't leave with their credits at least, I think that is just plain rude particularly if they have been around a long time, if LostinTennesse, MJD1964, and myself schizo1988 did so the team would lose 50% of it's credits,MoDifiy and JeremyHellstrom over 12 % more but never going to happen in fact and least I doubt it, as the top 12 are all names I recognize from the old days and followed here and many are producing still. I can't afford a new computer (windows 8 says it can't be run on my ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution, not that I am in a hurry to move to 8. For now it will be try and get as much as I can with existing machines and hopefully a Video card upgrade to replace 295's, I have someone who owes me $1600 that would sure help. I m also looking to convert an old bedroom in the basement to a computer room, I have a friend now who is an electrician, it has one 2 socket plug for whole room, but easy to cool it.

I see the team has dropped to 101, I remember 50, lets get back in the top 100 anyway.

Schizo1988 has been having some mental health problems, and has a few very complicated paths to follow legally but stressed out. and this is my therapy. Our Prime Minister in Canada is evil, but evil has a Majority Government so evil can do what he wants. In the U.S. Obama was able to crush Romney by getting 51% vs 49% of the public vote, in Canada Stephen Harper got a majority government with just 40% of the Popular vote, so 60% voted for someone else and he still gets declared King, he can get anything passed. I became a Health Canada licensed Medical Marijuana User on July 17th, 2009, one of the slightly over 3500 licensed by a program begun in 2001 and it has been a nightmare only getting worse, but I think I have a valid case against them , as I can show my relapse was a direct response of negligence on the part of Health Canada, and I have documentation of multiple lies, but it is the Federal Government and my financial situation is complicated, everything is in a blind trust, very minimal access. I also have a discrimination suit against in the very least the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, as they lied and later admitted to it in an effort to block my application to become a medical user, later asked me to participate in a clinical trial with knowledge of cannabis use later biited due tti it but I believe only as it was medical, they only knew as I told them, but bouncing me from the Marijuana and Schizophrenia study was pushing it too far, again more lies but I have a degree in Statistics and when questioned said I was talking about an old study, but still listed 8 months later, from 1988-2003 I lived psychiatry, but stopped seeing a shrink on 2003, didn't need one then can't get one. My major concern currently is trying to keep my home hospital out of the mess, as I have been Co-Chair of what's called the Participant's Council at North York General Hospital since 2003, we are a group of past and present clients of the Mental Health and Addictions program and handle internal problems, and they are amazing, we get consulted on everything, and I have ID allowing me on and off locked wards as we are the patient reps, I am also the Hospital's Rep. on the Ontario Association of Patient Councils, my Co-Chair is Chair of OAPC and board member at CAMH, The 1st Vice-chair whom I have known for a decade is om CAMH and heads up the empowerment council there.

I have developed a relationship with the methadone doc who made my life miserable and have chosen to take some time off my Mental Health advocacy work as I feel this is personal, not many schizophrenics with Medical Marijuana licenses, but most believe at the moment it is the cause if psychotic disorders.

Most people don't have this "At present, D’Arcy & Deacon LLP consists of 44 lawyers (18 partners/26 associates), 3 articling students, 2 paralegals, a director of administration, a human resources manager, 2 systems administrators, an accounting department and support staff numbering approximately 56."

My last name happens to be D'Arcy and only found out the firm still existed around 2008. formed in 1973 my grandfather retired in 1975 and passed away in 1980, turns out Deacon passed away in 1974, but that was Ivan, his son John joined as a partner same year. John and I were in regular contact in the spring, he is winding down practise and writing a book, as D'Arcy & Deacon LLP turns out to be the oldest contiguous law firm in western canada. I don't expect free access but figure my name should earn me access, to unarguably some of the finest legal minds in the country. I have major ADD but installed Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium, at least 3 powerful Doctors to write and also multiple lawyers.

Nice to be back in the Pond as it was dealing with this mess that shut me down and delayed many attempts to get going again.

:I started out from years of leaving me and then : for going but ultimately after returning here.

Note 2,000,000.000 the big 2 BILLION IS APPROACHING RAPIDLY

sorry for the ramble

Paul, the 1988 after the schizo was year I entered the system and never left, while currently on Ontario Disability Support Program, I was grandfathered on using the old Family Benefits designation of "Permanently Unemployable" but that is with respect to paid work for the mostly, part-time which days are your good one's, it's not predictable, but not so much now but in the past I was very active, but volunteer's particularly one's known to be ill can, call in sick easier or cancel appointment's when necessary. I have been fortunate in my view, many have it much worse, and since I have a passion for working with the Homeless, some have nothing, and all they really want is to be treated with respect, everyone deserves that, and as with any population there are those that give the rest a negative image. I remember about 3 years after I started working at a church run Drop-inn for the hungry and homeless, weds 8-2 and I missed a few weeks in Jan. and when the doors open I am greeted by 2 regulars, who said thank god your here we were really starting to worry about you, they both were living literally on the street in Toronto, 2 feet of snow, and well below zero every night and they were worried about me, kind of puts life in perspective. I have met some low life's but very few , try getting a job with no phone number, and no address and maybe the clothes on your back, many were seasonal workers even. In my case there but for the grace of god go I, is far too close to having been true to overlook. I don't give to those who ask but those who humbly sit quietly with a sign or just are holding a cup, and when I see dimes and nickels it embarrasses me, we have $1 and $2 coins what can you buy for a quarter. Drug addicts and Alcoholics tend to be aggressive, the quiet ones, are embarrassed and have a sense of pride, think what it must be like to beg for money to eat.
i am off topic again but am feeling guilty as much of my wok with this population was ended by discrimination I faced by the doc who ran the drop-inn I worked at for 8 years and t was cannabis related.

Again sorry but I needed to vent.