Ok short story but exciting! okay so not really exciting, just short...

8800 Ultra have 2 of them both like new bought them in a machine that I purchased from Stealth Machines to run in SLI. Complete overkill back in 2007 when 1 was more then enough to run everything maxed out. Anyways they are EVGA 8800 Ultra's with the liquid coolers built into them and I'm looking to sell them, only problem is that I don't know what they are worth.

I have a buyer that is interested but I have no idea where to price these things. I hear 50 bucks for the non cooler ones but then I hear that the ones that are EVGA with the coolers built into them are collectables. I don't collect this stuff I would rather take the money and put it towards a second 670 but that's just me.

Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated! Love the show and the site guys keep up the amazing work, you make my wed nights so much better.