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    Feb 2013

    Motherboard for fanless network appliances?

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a small form factor motherboard that can be used to make network appliances, such as routers and firewalls. I'd like it to be fanless, have (or support) multiple Gb NICs, and use direct VDC power (like a lapotop) rather than a typical VAC PSU. It does not need a high power CPU or GPU, but needs to be 64-bit and support several GB of RAM. It will be running Linux and network software, such as Vyatta Core, and maybe a Minecraft server. I'd like the bare motherboard to be in the neighborhood of $100US. Oh, and an appliance-like enclosure recommendation would be nice as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Feb 2004
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    Re: Motherboard for fanless network appliances?

    Welcome to the forums.

    Something like this ?

    And then all you would have to do is add another nic card, pico psu & a 24 pin adapter.

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    Re: Motherboard for fanless network appliances?

    This is the closest I was able to find:

    It looks like it checks all your requisite boxes except on price. There are very few systems in the form factor that have second integrated NICs, let alone integrated VDC psu's, so your choices are extremely limited. I think you also need to supply your own power brick with this motherboard.

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