A brief guide on how to get the GPU QRB up and running.

  1. Visit folding.stanford.edu and click on "start folding" this will download the current v7 client installer.
  2. Install the v7 client. Default options looke fine unless you'd like to change startup behavior or path. Un-check "start folding now" and exit installer
  3. Start client for configuration. Be warned the desktop icon defaults to using the web-based control. This is junk. Start it from the start menu OR edit the desktop icon (right click ->properties ->target) and remove the web control reference if you'd like to use this icon to start FAH in the future without bringing up the web control
  4. The client will probably auto-detect both the CPU and GPU. These will appear under "Folding Slots" on the main control panel, as shown below:
  5. Click "Configure" at the top to enter the configuration menu, then choose the "identity" tab, shown below. Enter your Name, team number and passkey here:
  6. Choose the Slots tab to edit the client options:
  7. Choose the "gpu" slot and hit "edit" This will bring up the following menu:
  8. Scroll to the bottom and select "add" under "Extra slot options"
  9. Enter the following to add the beta flag and hit enter:

You should now be set up for the Core 17 WU's. The client may have already downloaded a unit, so it may need to finish that before moving on to one of the new ones. The "next unit percentage" flag is optional, but can be used to maximize PPD by forcing the client to wait until 100% completion before downloading the next unit. Because of the nature of the QRB, this will reduce the total time the WU has been assigned to you and allow you to squeeze out a few more points. I'm not sure how much its worth.

As a final note, I'm doing part of this from memory, so it may prompt you to input a name and team right away, I don't remember for certain. If so, the "identity" tab part of this guide may be redundant.