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    Need help, reinstalling windows 7 on dual boot system

    I currently dual boot with windows xp and windows 7. I believe initally I had xp first then installed windows 7 afterword. They are installed on the same drive, but different partitions.

    I just bought a new ssd, motherboard/cpu/sound card. I want to remove only windows 7 from this drive, keep xp, and install windows 7 on the new SSD.

    What is the best way to do this? I don't care if its really an official dual boot tho thatd be nice. If i can just choose which OS to boot to by setting the boot order in my BIOS that's fine.

    Also I have a lot of files under account in the My Documents My Downloads My games folders etc. Whats the best way to ensure I can use those files once I reinstall the OS?

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    Re: Need help, reinstalling windows 7 on dual boot system

    Because you have files you need/want you might be able to install the SSD and then clone your partition with W7 to the SSD.

    If it works correctly, delete the old partition.
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